How to boil the chicken is delicious, golden yellow and without skin cracks

Siu Nin
06 Oct , 2020

1. How to choose chicken

To get a delicious boiled chicken, chicken selection is very important. Normally, you should choose a chicken that weighs about 1.5 kg to 2 kg. If you choose the chicken to be too big, the chicken will crack. If you do not have time to make raw chickens, you can choose to buy pre-made chickens and pay attention to the following points:

Delicious way of boiling chicken without skin cracks

+ A delicious chicken will have a compact, toned chicken body, small breasts.

+ Chicken skin is golden yellow, with dark yellow spots such as wings, breast, back, chicken skin is not bruised, purple, no dark spots, bruises, nodules ...

+ If the chicken skin is chewy, golden, and the chicken fat is white, it means that the chicken is soaked with yellow medicine.

+ The chicken is firm, fresh, without bad smell, rancid smell, antibiotic smell ...

+ Use your hand to press the chicken body, chicken breast or thigh to check, if the firm meat is delicious, and if the meat is smooth, slippery, deformed, has a puffiness, it proves that the chicken is injected with water sometimes also mixed with borax, this should absolutely not buy this chicken, to avoid affecting health.

2.Choose a suitable boiled chicken pot

Chicken boiling pot is very important. You should choose a pot of the same height and width as a chicken. Usually chicken from 1.5 - 2 kg you can choose a pot with a diameter of 28 cm is just right.

If you boil the chicken in a pot too big, the chicken will shrink and not look good. If the chicken is too small to boil, the chicken will not cook well.

Delicious way of boiling chicken without skin cracks

3.How to boil delicious chicken

Before boiling the chicken, you should use a toothpick to fix the head to the chicken body, then place the chicken in a pot and fill it with cold water over the chicken and then boil it over high heat. Wait until the water boils, lower the heat and boil for another 10 minutes. Note that during this period, do not cover the pot when boiling.

Delicious way of boiling chicken without skin cracks

After about 10 minutes, you turn off the heat and then cover the pot again for about 20 minutes, the chicken will cook evenly. Depending on the size of the chicken, please adjust the time accordingly, if the chicken is too big, then you boil it on the stove for another 5 - 20 minutes! Small chickens, reduce the time to 5 minutes.

During the boiling process, you can add a few slices of ginger or a few heads of scallions to make the chicken more delicious.

4How to keep the chicken delicious and beautiful

After the time is over, remove the chicken and put it in a large bowl of water, add ice cubes to wait until the chicken is cool, take out the chicken and let it drain. This will make the chicken firmer and chewier, and the color will also be fresh and eye-catching!

Finally, you take 1 turmeric, crush it and mix it with a little chicken broth, spread it evenly over the chicken skin for a beautiful golden color.

Delicious way of boiling chicken without skin cracks

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