3 ways to remove mold, needle bruises on clothes

Siu Nin
27 Sep , 2020

Use a toothbrush

Step 1: Scrub the mold with a brush

  • Use an old toothbrush and scrub thoroughly on damp spots, needle bruises on clothes. In this step you can get rid of quite a bit of mold or bruise on clothes already.
  • After scrubbing, immediately put the brush in the trash can to prevent dirt from flying in the air or mixed with other clothes.

Rub the stain with a brush

Step 2: Spray the stain with detergent

  • Next, you use laundry detergent and then spray directly on the damp moldy area or needle bruise. Then, you soak the stain, bruising at least 30 minutes before going to wash.

Spray the stain with detergent

Step 3: Wash clothes with hot water and vinegar

  • Washing your clothes in hot water with vinegar not only helps to kill about 80% of mold spores, but also helps remove unpleasant musty odors from your clothes. 
  • First, you pour vinegar into the washing bucket. Then start the washing machine and wait until the water is full . Next, you press the button to pause washing and soak clothes for about an hour 
  • After soaking clothes for about 1 hour, press to continue washing machine. 

Wash clothes in hot water and vinegar

Step 4: Dry the clothes

  • After washing, you can use the drying mode available in the washing machine to shorten the drying time. Or you can dry the clothes in the sun.
  • Remember to dry your clothes dry to avoid mold again.

Dry clothes

2. Use bleach

Step 1: Select hot water washing mode

  • Hot water not only has the ability to soften and remove stains easily, but they also help remove bacteria, mold on clothes. 

Select the hot water wash mode

Step 2: Put detergent and detergent into the detergent tray

  • Next, you put detergent and detergent into the detergent tray. Depending on the amount of clothes you adjust the amount of detergent and detergent so that it is reasonable.

Put detergent and detergent into the detergent tray

Step 3: Wash clothes

  • After adding detergent and detergent, press the washing machine to run and work as usual. 
  • Then, you can either dry the clothes or dry them in the sun to dry them to make sure you remove the mold on your clothes.

Wash clothes

3. Use borax

Step 1: Select hot water washing mode

  • Similar to the ways above, first you need to choose a hot wash for moldy clothing.
  • Next, you put the clothes with mold, needle in the washing machine, then mix detergent and detergent with a little water and pour into the washing bucket.

Select the hot water wash mode

Do not wash moldy clothing with other clothes.

Step 2: Dissolve the borax with hot water

  • Measure about ½ cup borax and dilute them with 1 cup of hot water . Then stir the mixture until the borax dissolves in water. 

Dissolve borax with water

  • After the borax has dissolved in the water, put this mixture in the washing bucket. Next, you start the washing machine as usual.

put borax in the washing bucket

  • Finally, you dry the laundry in the sun or dry it in a washing machine. Note that your clothes should be dry to make sure mold doesn't grow.

Clothes drying

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